All learning includes movement, both physical movement and mental movement along neural pathways. As we move, play, interact with the world and master life skills, we are literally building and developing the brain. One does not exist without the other (Dr Paul Dennison).

Movement is essential to learning and we use movement to enhance learning and academic skills.
The most powerful tool for fostering the growth and development of neural connections in your child’s brain is physical movement (Gill Connell)

Movement is essential to learning and we use movement to enhance learning and academic skills.
The most powerful tool for fostering the growth and development of neural connections in your child’s brain is physical movement (Gill Connell)

CoDex360 MAT

Movement is essential to Learning

We Move to Learn and Learn to Move

The CoDex360 MAT is a unique, one of its kind, fundamental movement and brain exercise programme for the whole body. The CoDex360 MAT is a layered holistic programme targeting whole body coordination, dexterity, memory and auditory skills. Developed by a physical education and movement expert in conjunction with a neurodevelopment trained speech therapist and audiologist, the CoDex360 MAT stimulates and enhances not only the child’s brain and motor skills, but also learning, academic skills and physical well-being in a fun way.

CoDex360MAT in action


Nathan and Anna are six-year old children. They are both struggling with many classroom activities.

They often fail to follow instructions such as ‘Put your sheets on the green table, arrow cards in the packet, put your pencil away and come and sit on the carpet’; typically, They will complete the first part of the instruction and proceed no further. They also makes errors in activities that involve remembering even small amounts of information at the same time as processing other material. Often they loses their place in complex tasks, making errors such as skipping important steps or repeating them. Their teacher says that they are easily distracted.

Many teachers have pupils with similar profiles of behaviour and achievement
but are unlikely to know that they have poor working memory, a problem shared by approximately 10 per cent of children.

Does your child need help with working memory ?

BRONZE programme

The BRONZE package targets the foundation skills of MOVE TO LEARN – LEARN TO MOVE on the Codex 360 MAT. Video instructed exercises are designed around fundamental movement skills and layered with tasks to help develop attention, listening, memory and literacy skills.

SILVER programme

The SILVER package builds upon the basic foundation skills introduced in the BRONZE package. Video instructed exercises are designed to refine fundamental movement skills while using specific tasks to challenge attention, memory and listening skills.

GOLD programme

The GOLD package is our advanced skill enhancement programme. This programme targets precision, rhythm, timing, and complex processing tasks. Video instructed exercises focus on making fundamental movement skills more automatic while increasing the demands on cognitive, language and auditory processing.


Moving to opportunity … become a CODEX 360 MAT Provider. The PLATINUM package includes full access to all the video instructed exercises of the BRONZE-SILVER- GOLD packages as well as the research behind the programme. As part of the accreditation process the Provider will be required to undergo an exam demonstrating their knowledge and skill in using the Codex 360 MAT.

DIAMOND* programme

The DIAMOND* package can be purchased upon completion of the BRONZE package. The DIAMOND package focuses on the concept that sometimes we need to LEARN TO MOVE. This package is designed for children with specific learning and developmental challenges in mind. The package focus on the frequency and intensity of practicing the skills needed to lay down the motor and sensory pathways to help each child reach their own unique potential.

*The DIAMOND package will only be available for purchase in December 2021. Please register your interest on and you will be notified of the launch date.

This package is tailored to address the learning and developmental needs of children with:

  • Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder / Dyspraxia
  • Speech and Phonological Disorders
  • Auditory / Language Processing Disorders
  • ADD / ADHD

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