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With over 20 providers worldwide, and counting, we can proudly say that becoming a Codex360 Provider has been a hugely successful business opportunity.

Most of the Codex360 Providers use the Codex360MAT to complement their current business model. Other Providers use it as a stand-alone service they offer to groups or individually. Whichever model you chose, what’s most important is that you own your businesses, however, you still form part of a developed support system.


No matter whether you are a mother or a father; someone passionate about exercise and fitness or maybe you are just looking for something meaningful to do. The Codex360 Provider will fit your lifestyle. It’s flexible business model allows for you to run your business part-time or full-time – it completely depends on you.

The best thing about becoming a Codex360 Provider is that you do not need any formal qualifications. What we are looking for are passionate and enthusiastic people. Our course is designed to provide all the education you need, both theoretical and practical.

There are NO turnover clauses so you are able to choose the number of hours you work. Codex360 is suited for you, your family and most Importantly, your lifestyle.


You do not need any previous formal qualifications as you get all the training you need with us.
A once-off Providers course fee is payable when you commence the Codex360 MAT course.
After obtaining certification, there are NO further fees. There are NO annual fees or NO renewal fees.
You will be able to purchase the Mats at a discounted rate. Annual Codex360 Conference / Training day for ALL Codex360 providers are recommended.
This gives you the opportunity to meet other
Providers, share ideas and update/further refine your practical skills.
Initially the Annual Conference will be hosted in Dublin, with international Providers invited to attend personally or remotely through zoom.

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