Book Aled & Marinet for full or half day workshop. Contact us for more information or to develop a workshop around your specific interests.

Training Day / Workshop topics:

CoDex360 MAT: A practical workshop in the Codex360 MAT – learn about the research behind the CoDex360 MAT, how to use the mat and adapt it for specific skill areas. We offer workshops for individuals or groups. Fees include the CoDex360 MAT and access to the Bronze Programme.

Move-to-Learn & Learn-to-Move: A comprehensive training course based around fundamental movement skills (FMS), layered with information about sensory skills, attention, speech & language and academic skills. The course with cover the Move-to-Learn & Learn-to-Move Model for assessment and intervention.


On-Line Courses

We also offer on-line workshops or training courses on various topics. Courses range from 1 to 3 hours depending on your areas of interest.

Auditory Processing Disorders – sharing the knowledge. A journey through identification, assessment and intervention. 

Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia – a personal journey with information on the identification, assessment process and intervention. This is a hands-on course equipping the learner with practical skills to use at home/in the clinic.

Learn to Read, Learn to Write – a practical on-line course on acquiring, developing and mastering literacy skills.

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