What is the Working Memory Programme ?

The Working memory programme is a multi-level video-instructed programme that helps stimulate and enhance working memory.
The programme targets working memory through movement (sequence of body moves ) and thinking ( cognition whilst moving ) .
It targets specifically short term and working memory.

The simple to follow videos and pdf print outs give you all the tools to help a child with working memory issues. The video instructed exercises are “layered “ and the level of difficulty increases as the child progresses through the levels.

The Working Memory Programme is the perfect for:

  • Parents to work with their children at home
  • Teachers
    o Special Education Teachers
    o Classroom Teachers
    o Special Needs Assistants
  • Occupational Therapists


Starting point Testing of child Video instruction of how to test the child with a printable pdf sheet or an excel spreadsheet which gives you an overall % (percentage) score. Foundation skills Layered with basic attention, lige and memory tasks. Duration : 5 minutes per day 3-4 days per week Length of programme :  Can be continuous Number of Exercises :  15 Skills Enhanced : Working Memory Short Term Memory Concentration Sticking to a task Listening Skills Hours of Videos : h What you get: Access to the WORKING MEMORY programme videos and PDFs A baseline assessment template All instructional videos Instructional sheets for Digit Working Memory Instructional sheets for WORDS Working Memory Cost: €160 €79

Our fun and easy-to-follow programme is developed to help your child practice the exercises in the safe and comfortable  environment of the home or school environment .

The instructional videos show you step by step how to perform each of the exercises.


Select one of our home programmes (Bronze, Silver, Gold) to buy. We recommend starting at BRONZE.
Your unique Codex360 Mat will be posted to you.
Upon purchase you get access to the library of video-instructed exercises.
Print off and complete the ‘Baseline assessment’ before your child starts using the mat. This gives you a starting point and helps you monitor your child’s progress.
Access the video-instructed exercises after registering on www.codex-360.com
At the end of the 8 week programme, repeat the ‘Baseline Assessment’. Review the results of your checklist to decide whether to move on to the next programme level or repeat the current programme.


Video instructed exercises are designed around fundamental movement
skills and layered with tasks to help develop attention, listening, memory
and literacy skills.

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