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CoDex360 MAT

Academic / School Performance Challenges (e.g. attention, listening and motor skills)

Use the Codex360MAT for a whole body and brain work out in the classroom.
Teachers reported that children in their classroom present with mixed abilities where there are a range of learning needs, including identified SEN (special education needs) students (Teacherhead, 2019). Teachers encountered persistent learning blocks and despite their best efforts, students continue to struggle to understand what teachers are trying to explain or students cannot apply basic knowledge to more complex situations.

Problems with attention to classroom instruction and schoolwork are common in children. Many students encounter motor difficulties, which need more intense practice, over-learning the basics before they’re ready for more; and practising smaller steps one by one. On top of these reported difficulties, good listening ability is an essential learning tool. Most of what children learn in elementary school is acquired through the auditory channel.

  • Codex360MAT is a holistic body and brain programme that enables the child to practice and exercise:
  • Co = coordination (fine motor, gross motor, oral motor skills)
  • Dex = dexterity (the skill, ease, quickness in performing tasks)
  • 360 = whole body and brain
  • M = memory (particularly Working Memory)
  • A = auditory (better listening skills mean better access to and understanding of language)
  • T = timing (and rhythm)

The Codex360MAT can be used for movement breaks to regain focus/attention while knowing that it targets the important foundation skills (e.g. bilateral coordination, eye-hand coordination, tracking, gross & fine motor movements) layered with listening, language and memory exercises to challenge the child cognitively.

Motor & Coordination Difficulties

Teachers and health experts say they have witnessed a worrying deterioration in children’s physical and motor skills over the past decade or more (Irish Times, December 2019). Research by University College Cork indicates that skills which were generally mastered by six-year-olds – such as jumping, throwing, catching or hitting any type of sports ball – are now out of reach for many children by the time they reach 12 or 13. Where once children might have kicked a ball or hopped, skipped and jumped, now they are absorbed for hours with smartphone or iPads. Sedentary lifestyles, poor diet and limited opportunities for play and games are among the key factors cited as contributing to this problem.

Codex360 MAT is a whole body and brain exercise programme that can be used in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. This layered programme teaches foundation skills (needed for mobility, coordination and balance), ball skills, listening skills and focus to equip you for all kinds of sports and leisure activities.

Disabilities (Learning and Cognitive Challenges)

Over the years we have been told:

“I want my child to reach his full potential.”

“I want my child to learn functional skills to help with her learning in the classroom; to participate in school PE; to move around the classroom; and to participate in playground activities.”

“There are so many areas/skills I have to work on. Where do I start? How do I start?”


We have listened:

The Codex360 MAT is a holistic whole body, movement and brain programme. It is flexible and exercises can be implemented and selected based on your child’s unique needs and challenges.

The brain has an amazing potential to change, to learn and rewire itself because of Brain Neuroplasticity. To see change, intervention needs to start early. Intervention needs to be frequent and intensive for change to occur. Just like sculpting the body, we need to sculpt the brain. No athlete has learned a sport, no musician has learned to play an instrument, and no dancer has mastered a difficult routine without a whole lot of practice.

False hope? There is no such thing as false hope, only false hopelessness. Parents feel hopeless when they do not know how to help their child. Knowledge = understanding and enables change.

Codex360Mat is a holistic brain and movement programme that offers parents/carers the opportunity to learn:

  • How basic fundamental movement skills are acquired e.g. crawling, walking, running, jumping and ball skills.
  • How to help your child follow instructions.
  • How to develop your child’s listening skills, memory and attention.
  • How to help your child with completing a task.
  • How to talk to your child.
  • How to encourage and give feedback to your child.

The Codex360MAT offers 5 hours of exercise and teaching videos in the 65 videos of the BRONZE programme alone. The programme is layered, starting at basic foundation skills and progressing to more challenging tasks as you move through the SILVER and GOLD programmes.

Let us empower you with skills and knowledge to support your child at his/her own pace to reach their full potential.

DCD / Dyspraxia

82% of children with Dyspraxia/DCD are missing out on crucial treatment and therapies according to a 2016 study from Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland due to lengthy public health waiting lists and financial constraints in accessing private treatment. It is estimated that Dyspraxia/DCD affects up to 8% of the population but due to its varied symptoms, it can often go undiagnosed.

Although there is presently no cure for Dyspraxia/DCD, we know that the earlier a child is treated, the greater the chance of improvement will be. A lot of the skills that people take for granted will never become automatic for children with Dyspraxia/DCD, so they will have to be taught these skills.

Parents are aware that the skills their child is lacking is causing them to fall behind educationally; affecting their confidence & self-esteem. They have also realized that these skills have to be learned/taught & practiced frequently. However, they may not always have the knowledge and skills to help their child.

With knowledge, understanding and training Parents are the Solution. The BRONZE programme alone has 65 videos which include 5 hours of exercise and teaching videos on the basic foundation skills to help the child’s mobility, balance and coordination layered with language, listening and memory tasks. We are here to empower parents, to teach parents how to help their children.

The Codex360MAT is a flexible cost-effective approach where you can go at your child’s own pace, repetitively practice needed skills because Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

We Move to Learn but sometimes we need to Learn to Move – the Codex360MAT can help.

Language and Auditory Processing Disorder/Difficulties

Auditory Processing is ‘what the brain does with what it hears’. An Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is when the brain does not hear. There is a considerable overlap between auditory processing and language processing with many children finding both areas challenging. Many children with APD or auditory processing difficulties struggle with sustained auditory attention. This can affect their ability to listen to and follow instructions in the classroom and on the sports field. Some of these children not only struggle to remember the instructions but also have difficulty understanding what was said.

The Codex360MAT can help … by using the Codex360MAT, children can practice their listening skills and ability to follow instructions. The Codex360MAT offers exercises to help challenge the students’ listening skills, stimulate their knowledge of language concepts, memory and attention while they are engaged in different motor tasks.

Looking at how students participate in classroom, school yard or sports field activities it is clear that they are constantly moving while they are learning:

  • Students move (take notes, cut, colour, write spellings) while they are listening to their teacher.
  • Student have to maintain an upright posture and engage in good static balance while they are listening and attending to their teacher.
  • Students are physically active while they are following instructions during PE.
  • Students are listening and talking while they are playing in the school yard.

One cannot separate movement from attention and listening. We Move while we are Learning (listening) … the Codex360MAT can help children to exercise and practice their auditory attention and listening skills while they are moving.

For General Health, Strength and Fitness

The most powerful tool for fostering the growth and development of neural connections in your child’s brain is physical movement (Gill Connell, 2010). Scientific evidence shows that movement and physical exercise help you build a brain that not only resists shrinkage, but increases cognitive abilities (Brandes, 2015). Dr Joseph Mercola (2012) states that exercise encourages your brain to work at optimum capacity by causing nerve cells to multiply, while strengthening their interconnections, and protecting them from damage. He further states that during exercise, nerve cells release proteins such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which nourishes the neuromuscular system. Through his research he highlights the effect exercise has on both brain and muscle, explaining why a physical workout is so beneficial to the brain and body.

Give the Codex360MAT a try – it is a whole body and brain workout that can be used in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Take control of your health, your fitness, your life. The CODEX360MAT is here to show you how.

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