The work we can undertake with your child, can be :

Motor skill development

Increase in physical movement

Bodily awareness & health

Enhancing balance

Integrating primitive reflexes

Developing self confidence

Hand eye co-ordination

Problems with Junior school maths

Improving Working Memory

Mind Maps & Setting Goals

Developing listening skills

Thinking whilst Moving

Integrating a Growth mindset

Enhancing Hand writing skills

Developing Positive Self-talk

Mindfulness Ideas

TTRS – Touch-type, Read & Spell

Resilience Training

Running & Movement Skills

Dis-association training

Learn to Ride a bike – without needing a bike !!!

Visual Spatial awareness


Focusing for longer periods of time

We work with children and athletes who have a diagnosis/ no diagnosis of




Developmental Co-ordination Disorder

Primitive Reflexes

Autistic Spectrum

Downs Syndrome



Elite Athletes

High Performance junior athletes

A child who wants to improve

Smart but Scattered

APD – Audio Processing Disorder

Lacking Self Esteem

All session run weekly on the same day and time and to see any enhancement/stimulation
or intervention we recommend a minimum of a 20 week block of sessions.

I do suggest that if you intend doing 1-2-1 private sessions, you also look at putting your child into my weekly group classes. Details are all online at ( look in the classes section. Specifically codex kids classes) The reason for suggesting this is that I get to see your child in a “real’ environment and also I can focus our 1-2-1 work into the group class so your child is focused and attentive to our goals.

Telephone consultation

This is a 1-2-1 session where we arrange a day and a time where we can discuss your child and your child needs going forward

€80 for 30 minute pre-arranged telephone call.

The minimum time for a consultation is 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes you will be charged €2.00 per minute for every minute.

Session Details

All the sessions we undertake would take place at a local hall near Stillorgan, County Dublin, or at your home or on a zoom call.

Sessions take 30 or 45 minutes indoors and all participants need to be aware that this a LEARNING PROCESS, meaning that your child will need to learn and try new skills.

Sessions are weekly on the same day, at the same time every week for the year ( September to May ). This is a big commitment but consistency is the key to any intervention, changes, stimulation, enhancement.

The session may be 30 minutes long, but then at home your child will need to practice exercises (5 minutes per day ) using the home practice sheets, the Codex360 Wall Chart and the Codex360 MAT. The mat can be purchased from Aled at a cost of €35 each. All details about the MAT can be found at

With any new skill there are progressions and it does take time to learn any skill and to change behaviours.

” If it can’t be measured , it can’t be achieved Aled Hughes

Interesting Information
Codex 360 TIKTOK

Watch Aled on his tiktok talking about a variety of subjects around motor skills, working memory, DCD, learning difficulties etc

Codex 360 PODCAST

Listen to Aled on his podcast talking about a variety of subjects around motor skills, working memory, DCD etc


a variety of exercises can be found to help your child


a large selection of technical videos on how to develop acceleration , first step quickness, agility and top end speed

Aled works with individual clients in Dublin and can accommodate parents in various countries of the world. These sessions are for children with challenges in:

• Dyspraxia / DCD
• Dyslexia
• Dyscalculia
• Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
• Attention Deficit Disorder with/without Hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD)
• Motor difficulties (gross & fine motor)
• Bilateral Integration
• Working Memory
• Executive Functions

CoDex360 – Move to Learn & Learn to Move

Bronze Level Therapy

Aled can work with your child on a one-to-one basis on a weekly basis. Session occurs in one of Aled’s therapy venues (multiple locations around Dublin). Sessions take place every week, at the same time, at the same venue, for 36 weeks of the year. This Bronze Level of Therapy is the most popular Level of therapy chosen by Dublin-based parents.

Silver Level Therapy

This level is where Aled can work with your child in the comfort of your own home for 1-4 days of intensive intervention. We can tailor it to your needs but we would mostly do these for 1-4 days for 4-6 hours per day.

Gold Level Therapy

This level is where Aled will live with you and your family or stay in a local hotel. He will work with your child for 7-15 days. This is a very intensive level of therapy but also great fun where Aled will be with your child/children for 6-9 hours per day. Sessions will follow the Codex360 methodology as well as look at enhancing other sporting skills and abilities. Aled is qualified Professional Tennis coach (LTA) and a fully qualified secondary school PE teacher. He will happily help your child learn the following sports / life skills to a highly skilled level:

o Tennis Skills & Playing level
o Swimming
o Volleyball
o Rugby
o Football
o Soccer
o Windsurfing
o Table Tennis
o Learn to Ride a bike
o Learning to Read
o Learning to Write
o Activities of Daily Living

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