CoDex360 MAT Platinum Programmes

The Platinum Programmes focus on the concept that sometimes we need to LEARN TO MOVE. These programmes are designed for children that require a bit of extra help with specific motor, movement or learning skills. The programmes focus on the frequency and intensity of practising the skills needed to lay down the motor and sensory pathways to help each child reach their own unique potential.

The PLATINUM programmes were carefully selected from our unique CODEX360 BRONZE programme to teach the foundation skills required for the specific challenges that your child may experience in movement, balance, coordination and/or learning.

This package is tailored to stimulate the learning and developmental needs of children with:

  • Developmental Coordination Disorder / Dyspraxia
  • Balance / Vestibular Dysfunction
  • Auditory / Language Processing Disorders
  • Specific Learning Difficulties
  • ADD / ADHD

Recommendation: for children with Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder we recommend starting with the Body Awareness Programme, then the Balance Programme before attempting the Motor Skills and Coordination Programme. This can then be followed by the Ball Skills programme. 


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